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Why Surface Pattern Design?

Mindy of Indy Bloom Design

6 years ago I was a stay at home mom, pregnant with my 4th child and painting for fun from home trying to create things I could wrap my daughter in or wallpaper her room in.

Little did I know what the future had in-store for me. After uploading my watercolor artwork to SPOONFLOWER selling it as wallpaper and fabric, I realized how I could make a living selling my art on their platform. I fell in LOVE with selling to other creative minds who would buy my fabric and make things for resell using my fabric. I became obsessed with creating for THEM. During this time, I started to peek interest at larger brands asking me to make them designs as well as license my current ones to their brand.

At this point, I was completely self-taught. I really didn't even know how to make a pattern "correctly" in terms of surface pattern design. I was nervous and ashamed to give my files to these large companies and have them find out I really knew nothing about what I was doing. When they asked for Pantones, I was like....Google....... "What is a Pantone?"

Google was my best friend through these first years, I searched to see if I could find more information on "How to create patterns with watercolor."

Skillshare (A learning site) popped up and I saw Bonnie Christine's courses listed there. I instantly connected to her and her style and her teaching! I then learned what a REAL surface pattern designer was, as well as how to create a REAL pattern, I followed Bonnie on social media, and then took her first ever Immersion program when she offered it in 2018.

Bonnie's Immersion program CHANGED MY LIFE. I was bringing in an income around 60K doing things my way on my own ( Which I was SUPER happy and content with.) We didn't "need" that income, but it sure didn't hurt!

After applying Bonnie's knowledge that I learned to my business over the next year or two, My business income grew to over 6 figures, I started working part time as Head of Design for Copper Pearl, a baby company (Dream job too), and my husband quit HIS JOB to come work with me! My dreams really started to roll out and my design business exploded.

I pinch myself every day that this is what I get to wake up to as a job. It has taken a lot of hard work, but everything I learned and applied from Immersion, has continued to open new doors and steams of income for me. The crazy thing is, there is ALWAYS room for more designers. Don't be afraid to join us. Your art and creativity is needed somewhere in the world, and you can create a life you love too!

I only share this with you, because I Truly LOVE what I do and I LOVE helping others see that you can do this too!! I WISH I would have found Bonnie sooner in my journey. Her program will save you SO much time (not on Google) and give you the foundation that you need to be a successful designer in this industry! I feel like I gained more knowledge from her program, than a 4 year degree.

I LOVE BONNIE, and feel honored to Affiliate for her this year. I don't affiliate for anyone or anything else, because I'm not a sales type of person and that is how much I believe in what she teaches.

I share my story, to all those who feel like there is no room for you or your art, to those who "wing it," to those who dream of quitting their day job to wake up every day to your dream job.

As Bonnie would say, THERE IS ROOM FOR YOU.

Right now you can sign up for her FREE Workshop that goes February 7th-14th. COME SEE WHAT YOU'VE BEEN MISSING OUT ON! I'll see ya at the workshop!



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