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Thank you for your interest in INDY BLOOM DESIGN! Here is some information on

Licensing below.

* We only License my designs with Approved Companies. We are NOT currently licensing to any more FABRIC or WALLPAPER companies.

 If you'll be printing my designs via 3rd party, We require you to share your manufacturers info.


The reason why, is so we know who else has access to my designs. In our contract, we state that it is confidential and we promise never to share that information with anyone or compete with your business.

Basically, we just want my designs safe. There are lots of Shady places that love getting their hands on cute designs and pirate them. This gives us a handle on where they're being printed and we can nail it on the head if the designs are leaked.


*Due to my contract with the Copper Pearl, I cannot license my designs to any companies that sell baby products or baby clothing items. If that ever changes, We will state it here.

Please fill out the form below to go through our approval process

to make sure our Brand fits yours!.

Thank You again. We look forward to reviewing your request.

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