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My Dream Office

My Dream Design Studio is finally complete!

Indy Bloom Design studio
Indy Bloom Design Studio

Indy Bloom Design Fabric Samples
Indy Bloom Design Fabric Samples

After a lot of time and hard work, my dream to have my own design studio/office has come true!

For my studio I wanted a modern farmhouse and boho design to fit my personal style. It needed to be clean and simple so my mind could get all the creative juices flowing!

A clean and bright space is essential for me when drawing and painting for my surface pattern designs.

Interior Design Inspiration

I gathered inspiration for the interior design from a home I got the opportunity to see in-person that was designed by Becki Owens. I saw this beautiful home and knew I wanted my office to have that esthetic! Here is the that exact home if you need some inspiration as well!

Office Furniture & Décor

One of my favorite pieces I got for my studio was a washable rug! With kids and dogs around , a washable one was the way to go! I got the 'Arncliffe Washable Area Rug' from Boutique Rugs.

Indy Bloom surface pattern Design Studio
Indy Bloom Design Studio

The boho fringe chandlier actually came from Etsy! I think it really ties the space together without taking away from the openness I wanted. The neutral-colored couch is the 'Hadley Sofa' from At Home.

The smaller décor pieces came from World Market. They always have such cute and unique home and office décor!

This office/studio is all I could've ever wanted and I am so grateful to be able to put it use making new fabric design collections!


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