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Indy Bloom Farmhouse Fabric Design Collection Spring 2022

My Farmhouse Collection was inspired by all the beautiful wild flowers and animals I have had the opportunity to see so far this spring! With a mix of unique animal and floral prints, this collection will make all your fun spring projects stand out!

You can buy these prints from these Online Fabric Retailers:

Coming soon to the following (Australian Retailer):

- My Design Process -

This collection was made and inspired by beautiful plants and animals that surround me. We have a little farm in Utah that has animals and flowers nearby that give me endless ideas! My family was also fortunate enough to take a trip to Hawaii where I saw the cutest chickens I just had to create a print for!

All this combined allowed me to create this Farmhouse Collection! Not only do the animals and flowers that inspire get to live on in my designs, they also get to live on in all the creations you make! Nothing makes me happier than seeing my designs on fabric and turned into cute clothing or home décor!

Cow on farm next to drawn cow design with floral headband
Indy Bloom Design Clara the Cow

Want to learn how to design patterns like I do?!

I offer my Limitless course to those who are interested in fabric design and want to bring their art to life! Learn more about how you can jump into creating your own designs!



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