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I'm Mindy Young, Surface Pattern Designer, Artist, and Educator! You will find beautiful, unique, creative, watercolor and digital designs on Fabric, Wallpaper, and SO MUCH MORE.

I specifically love creating for other business creatives and makers! Nothing makes my heart sing more than to hear, "Your designs are the best sellers in my shop!" 

I LOVE teaching others how to find success as I have in surface pattern design through PRINT-ON-DEMAND, specifically SPOONFLOWER! I went from a hobbyist artist, and stay-at-home mom, to a multi-6-figure business owner in a few short years! If I can do this, SO CAN YOU!

You can learn from me in my Membership, Mentorship, and Limitless, my online course! Check them out if you're a creative looking to level up your business in the design world!

Whatever you're here for. I hope my artwork can bring sunshine to your soul as it does to me! 

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Want to license my designs for 

your products?

Buy fabric with my designs through my online retailers. 

Learn from me! I teach others how to sell their designs like I do! 


Do you love to watercolor? I'll show you how to paint these cute watercolor strawberries!

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Learn how you can pinpoint your design style that will set you apart from the crowd and attract clients to your work!

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Are you ready to BLOOM in the Surface Pattern Design Industry?  WANT TO KNOW ALL THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT SELLING ON SPOONFLOWER and PRINT-ON-DEMAND? Come join my BLOOM membership and be a part of a community of designers in the print-on-demand space! Learn from monthly pre-recorded videos and lessons from ME as well as 1 LIVE Q&A every month. 

As a member, you will also get access to a COMMUNITY of women where you can get support, and help, and enter challenges that will keep you accountable! 

ENROLLMENT OPENS: (APRIL 24th-28th 2023)

And closes until 2024.

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Are you ready to SHINE in the Surface Pattern Design Industry? Need a Mentor? Well, you're in the right place! Apply to join my Small group MENTORSHIP.  

My Limitless Course is designed to help YOU design patterns using photoshop, that you can put on products to SELL and make a LIMITLESS INCOME.

I teach EXACTLY what I have done to go against the industry "Norm" and how I've created a THRIVING design business from home selling my designs through print-on-demand sites.

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When you purchase my designs, you purchase not only a cute design, but a design that will help you sell your products! I'm INSPIRED everyday by the HUSTLING business WOMEN out there who create the cutest products using my prints!

When you use the #indybloomdesign

you can be featured on my instagram!

Nothing makes me happier than to hear, "Your designs are my best sellers in my shop!" 

featured and seen in

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and many more!

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