Q: Do you do custom work?

A: Currently I don't offer custom work. I do not change or edit any of my current designs, or add or subtract to them for either.  I have worked with great companies in the past, but I am not currently offering any more custom design.

Q: Do you lease your designs? 

A: No, as of right now, I only sell my designs through Hawthorne Supply Co, Spoonflower, and Material Girls Australia. You're allowed

to use my designs when printed on fabric/wallpaper/gift wrap from the 3 places, licensed to use my designs. 

Q: Can I use your designs I purchased from Spoonflower and Hawthorne Supply for my business? 

A: YES!!! If you have purchased fabric from the supply companies above, you're more than welcome to make and sell items using my designs. 


Q: Can I use your artwork in my website/logo/branding?

A: Unfortunately, I don't allow any digital use of my designs. You cannot copy and use any of my designs digitally for any of the things listed above. Pictures of your products made by purchasing my designs, is allowed.

If your question hasn't been answered here, please feel free to contact me! I try to get to all emails within 24-48 hours, but I'm a busy mom in my other day job, so don't hold if against me if it's a tad later!